Friday, December 21, 2012

Random Musings

1. As a New Yorker, I think The Michael Kay Show, weekdays from 3p-7p on ESPN Radio New York 98.7 FM, is the best sports talk radio around. Michael and his co-host, Don (not Dom) LeGreca strike the perfect balance between hard sports and make bonding banter and entertainment. You should check them out. I think they are way better than Mike without eve Mad Dog (and maybe even with). They stream live on the net. You can also listen on the ESPN Radio app and on the Tunein app.

2. I'm having Krugman withdrawal

3. I love Holiday parties.

4. Winter weather without snow is just cold and gray.

5. Crazy Wayne and the NRA needed a whole week to come up with this? Really?? I just hope the legislators who take their marching orders from this wing-nut and his cohort feel it was worth the wait.

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